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Rarely do busy professionals have the necessary time and resources to maintain a successful organization. Because of this, countless organizations are turning to Wisconsin Association Management for an answer.

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Wisconsin Association Management excels in a wide variety of services designed to keep your organization running smoothly.

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Enhanced in services to your members, higher costs savings and greater operating efficiencies to your association.

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With our combined 95 years of experience and clients across the United States, the professional staff at WAM will allow you to increase your organization's intellectual capital, industry expertise, and technological capabilities. This results in higher revenue, costs savings, and greater operating efficiencies to your association, and a fantastic level of comprehensive services that can be provided by WAM to your members.

Our motto is "implementation and execution". Our full-time staff will become your full-time staff, available to provide a wide variety of invaluable services to your membership.

As our satisfied clients say, "Imagine your organization in the hands of experts so you can do what you do best."


We excel in our wide variety of services designed to keep your organization running smoothly.

The WAM office will serve as your Association's headquarters, coordinating all association professional service functions of your organization. WAM will actively promote and monitor long-term and short-term strategic objectives necessary for the overall success of the organization. The WAM staff will work with your Board of Directors and Committee members to ensure that all objectives and ideas are implemented and executed. Serving as your professional staff, WAM will attend all association professional service meetings, prepare the agenda and minutes, and negotiate on your behalf. In addition, WAM will facilitate all board and governance topics, as well as nominations and election procedures.
Rest assured that your organization's events and programs are in the experienced hands of an industry professional. From handling the smallest board meeting to the largest trade show, WAM will handle all facets of the event planning process beginning with the design of promotional brochures, sponsorships, trade show exhibitors, and ensuring that attendance goals are met to both cover costs and to generate a profit for the organization. Through its affiliations with the other organizations it manages, WAM is able to obtain volume vendor and venue discounts to reduce the cost of your events.

Whether it is an annual conference, monthly program, or an educational event, each and every program will be well executed for the benefit of each member and the entire organization. More importantly, WAM staff provides continuity so that programs can be replicated and improved upon each year.
WAM has a proven track record of success in the financial management arena. By implementing a system of "checks and balances", the Chief Financial Officer will have full accountability to your Treasurer and Board of Directors. The CFO will develop and submit a budget for Board approval, maintain all financial affairs, records, and monies of the Association, as well as prepare financial reports for every Board meeting. This checks and balances system has a focus on transparency and will give your Board of Directors piece of mind when it comes to your organization's financial health.

WAM can help facilitate the filing of the annual required state and federal tax forms, including the IRS Form 990. If your association has excess funds or reserves, our experienced staff can make a recommendation to the Board on how to use these extra funds, whether it is through improvements to the organization's infrastructure (such as a website, educational offerings, etc.) or by pursuing investments outside of your regular bank accounts.

It is also important to mention that WAM carries Errors and Omissions Insurance. Every organization has unique complexities and it is crucial that they are prepared for all possible contingencies to preserve its long-term interests.
WAM's Chief Executive Officer is highly experienced in successful public policy lobbying, in addition to crisis management as situations may rise for your organization. Whether it be composing a carefully crafted press release to the media or raising funds for your political action committee, rest assured the WAM staff will preserve and fight for your organization's best interests. Likewise, the WAM staff will stay abreast of all issues facing your industry, and communicate these issues with the membership through newsletters, e-mails and phone-calls.
Realizing that membership fees alone may not be sufficient to sustain the day-to-day operations of an effective organization, WAM is resourceful in finding alternative sources for ancillary revenue. WAM will be able to tap into its resources of key connections with businesses across the Midwest to obtain sponsorships for a specific event, or obtain advertising dollars in publications. WAM staff can also design and implement a general sponsorship campaign for your organization, tailored to your particular industry.
The fundamental WAM philosophy is to service the members. WAM realizes that in order for an organization to keep its members, members must realize value, be engaged, and be educated. They will rely on WAM for immediate assistance just a phone call or email away. WAM's social, yet professional, attitude along with an unparalleled work ethic, will help an organization meet its membership goals. WAM's Senior VP of Membership and Education is available to assist to enhance the growth of the membership in your organization.

WAM will support and work with your organization's Membership Committee in developing and implementing membership drives. It will also receive and process inquiries relating to prospective memberships and maintain the organization's membership roster. It is important to sustain an effective system of member satisfaction each year so the member renews their membership. WAM will assist and support in establishing key relationships and getting a member involved from the very beginning, so that same individual will perceive value, refer your organization to their associates, or even become a future leader of the organization.
Communication is at the heart of any organization. The WAM Director of Communications is available for the creation of professional monthly Newsletters, Membership Directories, Surveys, Brochures, Invitations, and general Website assistance. WAM ensures the timely production and circulation of these resources to the membership, as well as the community-at-large when applicable. While WAM focuses on electronic marketing, WAM will also assist in designing and placing advertisements in targeted publications. Through its key relationships with businesses throughout the Midwest, WAM will have your materials printed at the lowest possible cost, at the best possible quality.

Many organizations elect to provide additional services to the membership and increase funding by having the WAM staff publish trade journals, training guides, or even a publication based on a survey, followed by an analysis of the empirical data. These derivatives can be extremely effective at generating community-wide exposure for your organization.

The Director of Communications will also be involved in the marketing and publicity of your organization's programs, as well as coordinating with the appropriate committee in planning the event.
WAM believes an organization's website must be consistent with the strategic plan of the organization. Every new WAM client can expect an analysis to be done of your current website and will be available to assume the upkeep responsibilities of maintaining the site. The WAM staff is available to keep the calendar of events current, in addition to updating the membership roster and posting monthly or quarterly newsletters. As your organization evolves, as all organizations do, WAM will make recommendations to the Board of Directors to improve the site.

Our Clients

We take pride in the success of the professional trade associations we manage.

Our Team

Wisconsin Association Management (WAM) believes that our people are our most important assets. Consisting of twelve highly trained professionals, the team excels in association management services. This coupled with our motivational team spirit and strong work ethic will work to make the RAC continued success. With over 115 years of combined management experience, our energetic and customer-orientated team will be available at all times to provide service the Board/Committees, the mission, and handle the day-to-day management responsibilities of the Association and the Foundation.

WAM will utilize an effective team-approach for managing your Association and Foundation by meeting regularly to review the needs and progress of your group. At the meetings, each team member updates the group on new and special projects, events for the week, and other tasks that need to be accomplished. Everybody takes responsibility and shares ideas to communicate the creative implementation of the perfect strategy.

Many associations start out as purely volunteer-driven, being managed by a Board of Directors and other volunteers. While volunteers know the organization's business, they rarely know the business of association management. Having a full-time staff person is an option, however a full-time staff-person will be burdensome and costly to the Association's Board and other Members who are required to address salaries and personnel management, office space & equipment, and other overhead costs.

Recently, an alternative has become extremely popular: sharing the costs and efficiencies of operating a non-profit organization with several other non-profit organizations that do not pose a conflict of interest. An association management company provides a full-time staff of experts to provide a set of stated services to an organization. Because of the inherent efficiencies, the cost for the services provided is more affordable and typically less than hiring a full-time staff-person for the same organization.
Preserve Existing Rapport with Membership. Other than a dramatic improvement in services to the members, members will find little evidence that a professional management company now manages your organization. Your existing phone number will remain in place, and all phone calls will be answered and serviced with your organization's name. Your association will be an independent entity, with separate bank accounts, investment accounts, membership databases, and educational programs. Our staff will create and carry your business cards and present themselves to the membership and community as your staff. As such, we are dedicated to serving your needs and preserving or improving your reputation.

Improve and Retain the Membership. With the new economy, many Associations have problems retaining their membership of professionals who may not find justification in the annual cost of dues. Retirement, unfamiliarity with your Association's services and products, or simply lack of interest are among the many reasons that Associations across the country face declining memberships. At WAM, we feel a member must feel serviced in order to recognize the association's value. Within two weeks of joining your association, the new member shall receive a New-Member Welcome Kit, a phone call from the account executive, and personal invitations to all of the upcoming meetings and events. By establishing these vital relationships with each and every member, we develop leadership in the membership who will eventually serve on committees or even the Board of Directors! More importantly, we believe in implementation. If the membership, a committee, or the board makes a decision, we will see that decision through to the very end. When the member truly recognizes value, they will remain a member, refer your association to other potential members, and become more active.

Enjoy the benefits of leading-edge technology. Few associations can afford the sophisticated level of technology available at WAM. Your organization will always have the newest and most resourceful software and hardware available, instantly boosting the level of service to members. As new technological advances occur, WAM will keep you on the leading edge with continual access to the software and developments that meet your specific needs.

Share the cost of an infrastructure while only paying for the overhead you use. The cost of maintaining an office can be vast! But organizations managed by WAM need not worry about the costs of rent, utilities, technology, and maintenance, along with other expenses. In addition, you have access to meeting rooms for board and committee meetings when needed. The newly constructed meeting space at WAM will allow your visiting Board and other members instant access to staff, membership files and other intangible benefits unavailable at offsite locations.

Financial Management: A checks and balances system. We believe the key to handling your money with accountability is a system of "checks and balances." Our theory is that by having a dedicated WAM Chief Financial Officer who reports directly to your Treasurer and other Board members, your association's financial operations will be more secure and cost-efficient. Likewise, our staff-person will generate and track quality budgets and financial statements to preserve the long-term financial integrity and consistency of your Association.

Constant Membership Support. If your organization does not currently have a staff, or has only one staff person, your members have surely experienced the frustration of not having someone available to assist them quite frequently. At Wisconsin Association Management, LLC, there will always be a knowledgeable staff person available to assist your membership during regular business hours. These representatives are trained to answer questions specific to your organization. Members can renew their membership, register for a conference, or change their mailing address; prospective members and others can find out what your organization is all about.

Learn from other WAM-managed associations by avoiding mistakes and capitalizing on opportunities. The collective knowledge of seasoned executives is invaluable as the WAM staff shares their learning experiences with one another. Combined, the staff of WAM has over 95 years of experience in managing associations! We have learned that many projects and concepts have most likely been implemented by our other associations, so we can learn from past mistakes or successes to maximize the effectiveness of all decisions or projects on your association's behalf. Thus, you can learn about the pros, cons, cost implications, and other unforeseen issues before making the move yourself.

Share in WAM's collective, overall buying power. A key benefit of Wisconsin Association Management is its volume discount buying power. As a result, WAM, LLC can provide your organization with better hotel contracts, print quotes, mailing services, website services, and more. The WAM staff will maintain and improve these relationships with these vendors year after year.
Fee options vary from AMC to AMC. Here are some examples of common fee options:

Standard Management Fee An organization pays a basic monthly fee for the all-inclusive services listed in the management agreement.

Hourly or Specific Fee While some AMC's may charge an hourly rate for all services they provide to an organization, many will typically charge an hourly fee only in situations where the project at hand is outside the realm of the management agreement with the AMC.

Another situation may be a one-time, large project that is not covered by the management agreement. In this scenario, such as a campaign fundraiser, the AMC and the Organization would agree on a specific fee or hourly rate to cover the services.

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